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Acne Causes


Research has shown that increased stress can often be linked to new outbreaks of pimples or worsening acne. The main reason for this is the chemical reactions and changing hormone levels that occur in your body during times of stress.

Most of the research focuses on teenagers and acne.  Typically stressful times for teenagers include those major exams and other assessment periods during the final years of high school or early years of university.

Financial problems, work pressures and personal crises such as major illnesses or relationship breakdowns are also known to increase stress levels.

While it is virtually impossible to eliminate stress from your life, you can learn to manage some situations better and reduce the impact on your emotional and physical wellbeing. For example, developing regular study routines along with good planning and time management skills should help reduce the stress at exam time.

It’s also a good idea to try some relaxation and stress reduction techniques if you notice that your acne is worse during times of stress. You might find activities such as walking or listening to music help you to relax and de-stress.

Other people find specific techniques such as slow breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation and visualisation exercises are worth learning and incorporating into their daily lives.


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