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Acne scars

Scarring may be prevented with early, effective treatment of moderate to severe acne.

Do acne scars make you want to hide?

A scar is a permanent mark left after the healing of an injury or disease process.

Damage to the surface and underlying layers of the skin can be extensive, following moderate to severe acne. This can result in flat or thick raised scars, discolouration and pitted, indented skin.

Some scars improve over time, others remain unchanged and some can continue to worsen with time.

While some scars can be disguised with makeup, scars remain a permanent reminder of previous acne.

If there is a family history of scarring acne, early treatment and review by a dermatologist should be considered.

Picking or squeezing of pimples can also be a cause of scarring.

Different scars require different treatments. Some of the treatment options for scarring include:

  • Skin resurfacing and other laser and non-laser treatments;
  • Injectable fillers or implants;
  • Steroids; or
  • Surgery.


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