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For parents

Parents play a pivotal role in helping their children separate fact from fiction when it comes to acne.

In a world obsessed with social media and celebrities, teenagers in particular can be bombarded with advice of dubious quality.

Any support and guidance you can offer a child in the management of acne through diet, lifestyle, skin care and the optimal use of any prescribed therapies, is very helpful.

During the teen years especially, physical appearance is a sensitive topic. Very  often, how they look is more important to a teenager than anything else.

Acne can make peer approval and the whole concept of fitting in far more difficult. So always take your child’s acne or their concerns about it seriously. 

If they’ve voiced concerns, it's a good idea to ask your child exactly what is troubling them about their acne. The psychological impact of acne does not always reflect its 'medical severity'.

Offering your child as much emotional and practical support as possible during this time may be difficult but it is important.


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