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Acne Treatment

Skin care advice

There are a few key steps to good skin care - important for everyone with acne.

Using the right skin care products can make a big difference in your acne control, promote skin health and help keep your skin looking young. With the huge number of skin care products and ranges available, choosing the best products for your acne and skin can be confusing.

Start by getting information from someone you can trust; someone who is trained in this area. Your pharmacist, general practitioner or dermatologist are good people to speak to for guidance in choosing the right skin care products to help control your acne, plus avoid treatment related problems.

Don’t base your skin care on how good the skin of a well-paid, Photoshop edited model or celebrity appears in an acne product advertisement.

Key steps

The best skin care routine for acne-prone skin is to:

Follow these skin care steps and recommendations - unless your health professional says otherwise. They'll help you to achieve greater benefits and avoid acne treatment problems.


Last updated March 2016

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