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Medical management of acne

There is nothing wrong in seeking medical advice for your pimples. After all, acne is a medical condition so it’s the smartest thing you can do.

It’s time to see a doctor as soon as acne starts interfering with your enjoyment of life. If you get medical treatment for your particular type of acne (sooner rather than later), it can reduce the risk of physical scars that may be permanent and can help with the emotional hurt and stress that acne may cause you.

Different treatments have different methods of action. Some unblock pores; others reduce oil production or reduce the bacteria that complicates acne.

When deciding which type of therapy to recommend, a doctor will consider individual circumstances such as the extent and severity of the acne, if you have scars or at risk of scarring as well as the emotional and social impact on the affected person.

A combination of both skin treatments and tablets is often beneficial.

Adverse effects are a possibility with any medication, including acne medications, but most will be mild and manageable. The more common or more potentially serious ones are included in the following information along with advice on how these can be minimised or prevented.

Some of the medical treatment options for acne include:

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